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Why A.R. International Consulting, LLC

ARIC has been at the forefront of Cybersecurity, IT, & Investigations since the firm started in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel in Afghanistan. Our core team of experts is comprised of former high-level Federal Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Military professionals with on-call resources that operate around the globe. Our responders have been on the frontlines of the most complex matters worldwide. We have hands-on experience and an understanding of the complex needs of the legal industry and deploy human and technology resources to assist law firms with their most complex cases.


The ARIC cybersecurity, compliance, and investigation (CSI) service lines allow our clients to operate on terms and conditions to meet their needs and that of their clients for cybersecurity, compliance, & investigations before or during a crisis. With ARIC you have a trusted referral partner on standby 24/7.

This proactive approach can significantly reduce the response time, allowing for maximum coverage and coordination reducing the impact of risk exposure.

A partnership with our firm gives you the flexibility to deploy resources at any given time:

  • Referral or Retainer Partner: Establishes our initial commitment to our clients.
  • Objective 1: Support clients around the clock or as needed. Conduct due diligence investigations for client cases covering traditional investigation or cyber and provide a comprehensive report to reduce risk exposure.
  • Objective 2: Integrate with clients' legal team in real-time and serve as a go-to resource network of experts who've supported the Department of Justice and Law Enforcement Agencies.


  • World-Renowned ARIC military and law enforcement experts on your side.
  • Access to ARIC industry-leading technology stack.
  • Pre-negotiated terms and conditions that reduce response time when it matters most.
  • Rapid response SLAs that mitigate the overall impact of a breach.
  • Access to ARICs law enforcement network.
  • Guaranteed response time in the event of a suspected incident.
  • Negotiation experts on call if you're a victim of a successful cyber-attack.

Investigation & Compliance Services

  • Investigative Due Diligence
  • KYC Compliance
  • eDiscovery /HUMINT / Open Source Collection
  • AML Compliance & Investigation
  • Trade Finance Screening
  • Financial Fraud Prevention
  • On Ground Surveillance &
  • Deep Profiling / WebINT
  • Campaign Research (Including Public Opinion Analysis)
  • Data processing / Real-Time analytics
  • Geo-Political Analysis
  • Surveillance, sensors, countermeasures
  • Reputation Management
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Emerging Threat & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Intelligence & Analysis Training

Hiring the Team that Supported US DOJ Privacy for National Security

A.R. International Consulting, LLC has been trusted by both U.S. federal government clients and Fortune 500 Clients to provide reliable, value driven compliance and cyber services in the midst of evolving regulatory demands. We reduce costs for compliance. 15% of businesses expect to spend $1,000,000-$5,000,000.

Global Compliance

  • Compliance Program Full Scope Audit
  • Compliance Governance, Tracking, and Automation Tool (CMMC, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, & FTC)
  • On Staff Compliance Officers
  • Compliance Planning
  • Compliance Training
  • 3rd Party Vendor Compliance Assessments
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Privacy Threshold Analysis
  • Data Governance
  • Section 508

Cyber/Data Protection

Information & Network Security

  • Network Defense Solutions
  • Breach Prevention Planning
  • Digital Forensics
  • Incident Response & Crisis Management
  • Encryption in Transit
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Insider Threat Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture

Cross Domain Services & Data Services

  • Data Flow Provisioning and Management
  • Data Filtering and Inspection
  • Data Integration Services
  • Application Development
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

Commercial Cloud Services

  • Cloud Migration Services
  • DevOpsSec
  • Enterprise Cloud Management

Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • C-Suite Advisory

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