What We Do

ARIC provides world-class solutions engineered to enhance the ability of agencies to address gaps across all domains.

Our expertise enables governments to efficiently respond to enduring and emerging requirements creating optimal benefits for their citizenry.

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Services We Provide

Information Assurance Activities

  • Network Security
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Education & Training
  • Application Security
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance
  • Crisis Management

Cyber Offense

  • Operations & Training

Commercial Cloud Services

  • Cloud Migration
  • DEV SEC Ops (Application Development)
  • Enterprise Architecture

Cross-Domain Solutions

  • Information Migration Across Multidomain Operations (information technology across land, air, sea, and space)

Cyber Reputation & Public Relations

  • Shape a company's response to cyber events
  • Public & Cyber Policy
  • Cyber Regulatory Compliance 9for governmental oversight and regulations)

Data Analytics & Insights

  • Ingesting & Categorizing Data to maximize on decision making
  • Our experts provide detailed analysis sis of data sets to provide enriched decisions

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