Government Relations

A.R. International Consulting, LLC can help you advocate for your Interest

Our experienced team of former politicians and policy analyst know how washington works.

Advocacy & Lobbying

Advocacy services aim to influence public policy outcomes directly. They include activities such as crafting and articulating positions, preparing briefing materials, arranging and attending meetings with policymakers, and representing clients before government bodies.

Policy Analysis and Monitoring

This service involves tracking, analyzing, and reporting on public policy developments. It includes identifying potential impacts, trends, and opportunities related to specific policy changes that may affect a client's business.

Regulatory Consulting

This service helps clients understand and navigate complex regulatory environments. It involves interpreting regulations, predicting regulatory trends, advising on compliance strategies, and supporting clients during regulatory inspections or audits.

Government Engagement and Outreach

This involves building and managing relationships with government officials and agencies. It includes developing engagement strategies, facilitating meetings, and coordinating events designed to foster positive relationships between clients and government representatives.

Communications and Messaging

This service includes the development of public policy messaging and communication strategies to effectively convey a client's positions. This can involve creating press releases, speeches, op-eds, and social media content.

Crisis Management

In the event of a public policy crisis, firms offer services to help manage the situation. This could include emergency communications, stakeholder engagement, strategic advice on crisis response, and post-crisis analysis.

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